Grits were GREAT this Morning!

I promise you will NOT be overburdened with recipes from me, but I am compelled to share today’s grits. I cook for just two usually, so judge for yourself how much of the ingredients to use for your eaters…

Have on hand sausage, chicken stock, grits, a dab of butter, onion salt, cream cheese and pepper jack cheese.

Brown some sausage.

Cook the grits in chicken stock brought to a boil with a little bit of butter and onion salt. (If you have caraway seeds, go ahead and sprinkle some  in the chicken stock when you start heating it up. I didn’t do that, but I did eat my grits with seeded rye bread, and I’ll bet the seeds would be delish built into the grits.)

Mix in the sausage, some cream cheese (I use the one of the ounce packages you get at Sam’s Club in a big sack) and a sliver or two of pepper jack cheese.

Divide it into individual bowls. Allow a big portion for Elijah (someone who comes unexpectedly, seconds, or leftovers to put into your next roast vegetables).

The finest grits I’ve ever tasted are at breakfast chamber meetings in Monticello. Rachel Torrance, the Volunteer Coordinator in Jasper County, is renown for THE best grits, probably in the universe. But if you can’t have her grits, try some made with this set of ingredients. They aren’t bad!

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