What About a Resources Network within Georgia Made Georgia Grown LLC?

We’re coming out with Georgia Made Georgia Grown LLC marketing to promote creative entrepreneurs across the state, so we are doing a series of calls, asking makers and buyers what they need most from us.

Last night we heard “Money, money, money”. Today, the theme prevailed. One maker has looked in most of the corners for seed money to position her food product line where she needs to be. She can find a lot of offers for women-led companies, but none are panning out for creative entrepreneurs. WHERE IS THE MONEY?

Then, we got to talking about something else really interesting… she had to buy 5000 bottles for her product. Then, she realized she needed a different size, too. She bought another big order of bottles. What about a Resource Network? Another caller chimed in… to get a good price on labels, she had to buy 15,000. She needs only 5000.

Do you have a huge inventory of supplies, because you had to buy in quantity… or because you thought you were going in one direction, then you turned an unexpected corner? Are you looking hard at something that comes in multiples, but you want only one? I’m getting ready to buy a pop-up banner. One costs more than three. I could use a Resource Network… can you?

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