Wholesalecrafts.com Breaks Records with 1st Qrtr 2010 Earnings

“Are you wondering where handmade retailers are buying their inventories?” Nancy Vince asked as she began her Three Minutes of Fame presentation at the CODA conference last Tuesday, “They are buying ONLINE at Wholesalecrafts.com!”

Total online artist sales for January, February and March 2010 were $737,259, an increase of 40.54% over 2009! Retailers placed a total of 3,167 orders. And, it is estimated that only 30% of transactions are actually placed through the online shopping cart; approx 70% bypass the system by dealing directly with the artists. See the entire article under Notes on their Facebook page.

Take a look at how Wholesalecrafts.com works. Seriously consider joining the 1300 artists and 16,000 retailers who do business on the site!

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