Will Dromgoole Makes it Easy to Buy Stained Glass

Hummingbird ornament - W Dromgoole

Will Dromgoole in Thomaston deserves a big shout out! I’m working on a project and was interested in offering his stained glass ornaments as a part of it. I saw a few pieces Will and his wife had created at the Thomaston Upson Arts Council, and got word to him that I would like more information.

Will called me immediately and got details. He’s new to selling his stained glass, so didn’t have a wholesale sheet; but he did something almost as good. He shot nine photographs – in a creative, interesting way, I might add – loaded them into a Snapfish.com album, added the wholesale prices, and sent me the link. I have all the information I need.

We live in a remarkable era. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Snapfish, Skype, and others are free and low-cost business tools that add so much to the ease of doing business. It takes time to figure some of the software out, but the investment is well worth it. Promise yourself that you’ll AT LEAST sign up for a free account for an online business tool once a week, and spend an hour seeing its capabilities. You’ll be astounded at the resources available to creative entrepreneurs.

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