The Beauty of Bugs, Blogs and Facebook

I was reading the Most Recent news of my FB friends this morning and stumbled across Lazy B Farm’s latest blog post. It was really cool. Cyndi was trying to identify some bugs on her beans. She had taken her camera out to the bean patch and was taking a picture or two when another, bigger bug came, and poked his straw-like tongue into the first bug.

Cyndi, now a writer and a photographer, moved closer. The bugs were too involved with their lives to scatter. In a photographic essay, we watched the big bug suck the guts out of three little bugs. Cyndi ended the post by asking what kind of bugs had she just photographed.

I am entranced by odd things, so I linked the blog to my FB & Twitter pages. Several others saw both Lazy B’s and my postings. And the entomology department at UGA got involved. Cyndi ended up sending her blog post to at least six faculty members. Everyone was entranced.

The little bugs, beetles, are “Bean Plataspids”, natives of China. They are recent additions to Georgia’s farms. UGA’s entomology dept first wrote a Pest Alert article about them last October. The sucker bug is some sort of predatory hemipteran, an “assassin” bug. 

This story is the beauty of the Social Media. Cyndi went to her garden and took some pictures. Besides that, every single one of us were engaging, comfortably at our desks, on our computers. Social Media truly is a complex, organic Online Conversation.

It generated a lot of exposure, increased traffic to Lazy B Farm’s blog & website, and built new business partnerships, all completely spontaneously!

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