We are Thankful for Revolution Doughnuts

908 W College Ave, Decatur GA

“We are starting a doughnut revolution in the south – returning to a time when doughnuts were simple and tasty – made from scratch with real food ingredients…”

Ever since I saw Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur raising funds at Kickstarter.com, I knew I had to see what Maria Moore Riggs and her team were up to.

Maria sold doughnuts and other pastries at farmers markets, but yearned to have a storefront, and to open a brick & mortar shop. Early this year, she & her family took that huge leap of faith and rented retail space.

In no time, her savings was invested in the build-out. They were so close they could taste the doughnuts coming out of the kitchen. So she came up with a plan to raise money on Kickstarter.com, and attracted 333 backers for a total of $12,271!

Revolution Doughnuts officially opened its doors on National Doughnut Day, June 1, 2012. My tongue hung out farther and farther as I read reviews. But I seemed to be in Decatur only on Mondays. And, bless their hearts because I KNOW they need some time to rest, these folks are closed on Mondays.

Yesterday was the day. We tooled up & down College Avenue, so desperate we even asked the Grouchy Lady (my phone’s GPS guru), finally pulling into a parking spot in front of nirvana at 908 W College Ave.

We waited patiently in a line nearly out the door (3pm on Saturday), trying to decide between the bacon caramel, the peppermint white chocolate, the toasted almond, the gingerbread… we saw stars twinkling from their lush toppings we were so happy to be there

100_5996Sharing an egg nog latte, we inhaled our doughnuts – orange pistachio for the gentleman, shredded coconut for me. His was yeast; mine was cake. Absolute gooey, round perfection!

There is no wrong choice here. If you are in or near Avondale Estates or Decatur and have not been to Revolution Doughnuts, you haven’t got an excuse. People come from North Georgia and Middle Georgia just to see if the place lives up to the hype. Walk or ride your bicycle to the shop immediately. It’s everything you’ve heard and more!

They call the group of stores next to the Thankful Baptist Church the Homer Simpson Plaza because they sell pizza, beer and doughnuts. And you can get your hair done, too.

Revolution Doughnuts

908 W. College Ave

Decatur Georgia 30030



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