Mowing and Thinking

100_5186Our front yard is skinny, long, and flat. It’s mostly without impediments, so mowing with a walk-behind gives me the impression I am getting lots of exercise without wearing myself to a frazzle.

I didn’t realize until I’d gone a dozen laps or so that my mind had been a jumble of thoughts. Pushing the mower, watching the yard shape up, I could concentrate on one thought, examine it from a few angles, then decide what to do with it… kick it to the curb, incorporate it into my life, save any decision for later… And I still had something to show for my time.

Mowing is like that. I got visible results every step. I started with a disorganized mixture of grass and weed; and ended up with a neat, even swath of yard. And I had some time to think one thought at a time.

It wasn’t as fine as eating ice cream, but it was a pretty good way to pass an hour or two on a beautiful spring day in Georgia USA.


The Memorial Service

fire stationOur friend, Bruce Preston Farris, died earlier in May. This past Saturday, we walked over to the Sugar Creek Fire Department Station 11 to his memorial service. It was standing room only.

Bruce Farris served in the Korean War. After he & the family moved to Georgia, he became a VP at the Roswell Bank. Retirement and another move in the early ’90’s brought him to the country where he served as the President of the local Fire Association. He was a reliable friend to many of us.

Bruce was a solid citizen – dependable, a man of his word, someone you could trust. If he said it, it was so.

During the service, attendees stood to tell stories about him. One indicated Bruce may have pinched a penny or two; another told about a brush fire Bruce accidentally started. And the brother-in-law said that all three of the Farris siblings were stubborn. Stubborn. STUBBORN. But everyone agreed he was an excellent friend to have.

The brother-in-law said it best.”He was always there… Always there. I wish he were here now.”

RIP Bruce Preston Farris, February 15, 1929 – March 4, 2013.