Mowing and Thinking

100_5186Our front yard is skinny, long, and flat. It’s mostly without impediments, so mowing with a walk-behind gives me the impression I am getting lots of exercise without wearing myself to a frazzle.

I didn’t realize until I’d gone a dozen laps or so that my mind had been a jumble of thoughts. Pushing the mower, watching the yard shape up, I could concentrate on one thought, examine it from a few angles, then decide what to do with it… kick it to the curb, incorporate it into my life, save any decision for later… And I still had something to show for my time.

Mowing is like that. I got visible results every step. I started with a disorganized mixture of grass and weed; and ended up with a neat, even swath of yard. And I had some time to think one thought at a time.

It wasn’t as fine as eating ice cream, but it was a pretty good way to pass an hour or two on a beautiful spring day in Georgia USA.

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