MCSO Recognizes Jim Dale for his Efforts

Jim Dale receives TWO awards

Thursday evening, at the annual Morgan County Sheriff’s Office dinner, Jim Dale received two awards for his service – Court Officer of the Year and Sheriff’s Reservist of the Year.

Congratulations, Jim! You’ve been a wonderful addition to the community and to the MCSO and MCFD in the past five years, since you and your awesome wife Bonnie came to live in Buckhead. We are proud of you and think these awards are very much deserved.

Nothing is Inevitable

Nothing is Inevitable. I heard it on FoxNews last Tuesday night. Those three words are powerful.

I’m not a football junkie, but I was with a big group watching a bigger screen TV when the New Orleans Saints played the Washington Redskins on December 6.  Anyone remember what happened?

The Saints were down THE ENTIRE GAME, til the last couple of minutes. They tied the game, went into overtime, and then won. When they got the ball with less than two minutes to go in regulation play, they came out on the field, determined and focused. Even I could tell something was about to happen. They knew Nothing is Inevitable.

Last Tuesday in Massachusetts, Scott Brown won a US Senate seat. He believed Nothing is Inevitable.

Maybe you and I should, too. After all, “We are the Heroes of Our Own Story”. (I didn’t make that up, either. It’s on a bracelet I wear often.) What will happen if we come out on the field determined and focused? I’ll bet we could work miracles.

Professional Development Workshop – How to Price Your Art

How to Properly Price Your Art – in any Medium is a MUST for artists who are completely flummoxed over the issue of what price to put on their art so that it will sell.

Well-known artscentric advocate Lee Nelson from ArtBiz.Biz is presenting the mini workshop on Saturday, February 6, from 10-11:30am at the Athens Clarke County Library, 2025 Baxter St, in Athens.

For $20 per person, it’s a bargain! You’ll learn how to set a rational and market-sensitive price for your work. This will give you the knowledge-based flexibility to set a price you have confidence in, and can modify as you wish.

Lee hosts this interactive session to give you the tools you need to sell your art and become a successful businessperson, whether it is part-time, supplemental or full-time income.

Go to ArtBiz.Biz and read the glowing testimonials from some of the over 200 artists in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida who have taken Lee’s workshops in the past three years.

Lee Nelson, 706/486-6808, info@ArtBiz.Biz