The Memorial Service

fire stationOur friend, Bruce Preston Farris, died earlier in May. This past Saturday, we walked over to the Sugar Creek Fire Department Station 11 to his memorial service. It was standing room only.

Bruce Farris served in the Korean War. After he & the family moved to Georgia, he became a VP at the Roswell Bank. Retirement and another move in the early ’90’s brought him to the country where he served as the President of the local Fire Association. He was a reliable friend to many of us.

Bruce was a solid citizen – dependable, a man of his word, someone you could trust. If he said it, it was so.

During the service, attendees stood to tell stories about him. One indicated Bruce may have pinched a penny or two; another told about a brush fire Bruce accidentally started. And the brother-in-law said that all three of the Farris siblings were stubborn. Stubborn. STUBBORN. But everyone agreed he was an excellent friend to have.

The brother-in-law said it best.”He was always there… Always there. I wish he were here now.”

RIP Bruce Preston Farris, February 15, 1929 – March 4, 2013.



Beach at Little St. Simon's IslandOne of the angels that popped into my 2012 was Victor, an older neighbor of my mother’s. Victor has a San Francisco Giants tattoo on the calf of each leg.

He rescued me during the playoffs. I should have known better than to visit his partner during one of the games. But I didn’t. Victor was patient during the first 15 or 20 minutes we were talking, but he just couldn’t stand not having her with him as he watched the game. It took two or three “Come on over here, THE GAME STARTED!” to register.

This morning, on the radio, General Steve Jones, a regular Friday caller, told the show host that he’d received a limited edition Chipper Jones bat for Christmas. This precious 70+ year old caller sounded as excited today as he must have been when he opened the present.

Steve’s bat is #176 out of 5000. When his sons ordered theirs, they got #998 and #999. He went on to say he was going to make a presentation case so that he can hang his prized possession on his back porch. He offered to bring the bat out to a remote the station is doing tomorrow so that everyone can see it.

The point? Victor and Steve are obsessed – consumed, captivated, engrossed, immersed in – with something they love. What are you obsessed with? What would you tattoo on your calf or drive miles to show off to your friends and total strangers?

If you aren’t obsessed, find something that stirs your soul so much you can hardly contain yourself.

Jeffersonville’s Own Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda on her way Home

Miss Amanda, Jeffersonville’s Hospitality Ambassador, deserves a Shout OUT from Georgia Made Georgia Grown! This precious lady walks from her home to the elementary school, to the Senior Center, and around downtown every day, checking on the children, the older folks, and the merchants.

Glowing from within, Miss Amanda welcomes the children to school every morning, dispensing her love and concern. When they are safely in their classrooms, she visits the Senior Center and makes sure everyone is comfortable and happy.

Then, she checks in at every business downtown. If someone needs flyers passed around, she passes flyers around. Whenever she can help, she helps.She is at every event in town.

Miss Amanda, Be Blessed! You deserve rich rewards!