Prepare to Take Action!

Georgia Made Georgia Grown Seal

Behind the scenes, Georgia Made Georgia Grown LLC has been making huge strides forward. We have been putting programming in place to market & promote juried members of the organization. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing specific details. It will then be time to decide at what level of participation you’d like to join us.

We want people across the globe to know where to Buy Georgia Made and Serve Georgia Grown.

And, to accomplish that, we believe that Personal is the New Professional (Ariane Goodwin).

Right now, we’d like to invite you to our Facebook and Twitter pages. At each of those main pages, we have links to our eight categories of membership – Art, Communities, Entertainment, Family Farms, Festivals, Food & Wine, Hospitality, and Shops & Galleries. On Facebook, scroll down the page til you see the icons on the left. On Twitter, you’ll see the same icons on the right. Click each of them and enjoy the postings. Add postings about what is pertinent to you & your business, if you’d like!

Our website is in process. From what I’ve seen, it’ll be the centerpiece of Georgia Made Georgia Grown’s online presence. The blog may be the first part of it to go live.

This 59-year old woman has come to several important conclusions:

  • ALL businesses, in order to thrive, must do business differently from the way we’ve always done business
  • Small businesses must work together to market and promote themselves
  • Creative entrepreneurs MUST have a virtual toolbox including a website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube; a media manager such as Flickr or Snapfish; and an email marketing system
  • Blogs, Skype, Google Docs, and GoToMeeting are strong tools to become comfortable using ASAP

I’ve often likened creative entrepreneurs to stars in the sky. Their businesses are intense, but usually not connected to each other. There’s little time to network and enjoy others’ input. But Georgia Made Georgia Grown will bring the stars into constellations to generate more energy, to shine brighter. If you are an artist or a maker, you’ll have a wide range of options for streams of income. If you are a seller, you’ll know where the very best Georgia Made Georgia Grown products are.

Georgia Made Georgia Grown realizes the amount of time a business consumes, and will offer virtual assistants who set up the tools of today’s successful businesses. If a business owner doesn’t have time to post to those tools, the virtual assistant is available for connecting those dots.

We want to make doing business today as simple as possible in this complex economy. You’d still be in charge of creating and networking, but the leverage of groups of like-minded businesspeople will promote and market better than you can imagine.

How to Make a FB Page in Two Minutes

Daily Art Muse has done a perfect little slide show to tell you EXACTLY how to create a fan page on Facebook. You’ll know in two minutes the clicks to navigate to make the page. And if you are in business, you need a Facebook fan page. Mine is at GeorgiaMadeGeorgiaGrown. We also have a Southeastern Festivals fan page at E2000. We try to update them daily.

If you’re new to Facebook, it is free to join. Most makers have both a profile and a page. The profile is about one’s personal life. And buyers and collectors love, love, love reading about what you are doing and who your friends are!

The page is your business life. Lately, at theĀ GeorgiaMadeGeorgiaGrown page, I’ve talked about Peter Muzyka‘s show opening at The Point of Art Gallery in Union Point; the National Grits Festival in Warwick; and visiting Gallery 209 in Brunswick.

I love Facebook. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening and to see what your friends are learning about.

Facebook’s Web Searching Portal is #1!

New figures show more people use Facebook as the portal to search the web than other search engines! I thought about that. Sure enough, yesterday when I was looking for Christmas House or Deborah Karwisch, I searched through Facebook.

Are you on Facebook? Do you pay attention to what your friends and colleagues are posting – articles, images, blurbs about where they ate last night – and want to know more? Are your friends and colleagues driving your ideas and thoughts about where to go/what to do? Me, too.