How to Make a FB Page in Two Minutes

Daily Art Muse has done a perfect little slide show to tell you EXACTLY how to create a fan page on Facebook. You’ll know in two minutes the clicks to navigate to make the page. And if you are in business, you need a Facebook fan page. Mine is at GeorgiaMadeGeorgiaGrown. We also have a Southeastern Festivals fan page at E2000. We try to update them daily.

If you’re new to Facebook, it is free to join. Most makers have both a profile and a page. The profile is about one’s personal life. And buyers and collectors love, love, love reading about what you are doing and who your friends are!

The page is your business life. Lately, at theĀ GeorgiaMadeGeorgiaGrown page, I’ve talked about Peter Muzyka‘s show opening at The Point of Art Gallery in Union Point; the National Grits Festival in Warwick; and visiting Gallery 209 in Brunswick.

I love Facebook. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening and to see what your friends are learning about.